Michael Weber's salesoutfit The Match Factory has closed a raft of deals for Jasmila Zbanic's GoldenBear winning Bosnian drama Grbavica in addition to previous sales to Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

TheAustrian-Bosnian-German-Croatian co-production has now been picked up by Golem(Spain), Cinemien (Benelux), Kinoswiat(Poland), Ost for Paradis(Denmark), Budapest Film (Hungary), Folkets Bio(Sweden), Providence (Brazil), Cineplex (Colombia), and Cine Video y TV(Mexico).

An audience ofmore than 4,500 including local dignitaries and the international diplomaticcorps attended the Bosnian premiere at Sarajevo's Zetrasports hall on March 1, Bosnia-Herzegovina's Day of Independence, previously apremiere in Banja Luka, thecapital of the Serbian part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, had to be cancelled.

The film's firstscreening in Serbia and Montenegro was held on March 6 in Belgrade's Sava Centar as part of the Belgrade International Film Festival(FEST). Two years ago, FEST brought another Golden Bear winner - Fatih Akin's Head-On (Gegen Die Wand) - to Belgrade just days after its success in Berlin.