The BroadcastFilm Critics Association has announced its nominees for the ninth annualCritics' Choice Awards, which will be presented at a gala ceremony on Jan 10 inLos Angeles. Mystic River leads the pack with eight nominations, followed by In America on seven and Cold Mountain and Big Fish on five each.

The organisation nominates ten films for best picture witha varying number of nominees in each of the other categories. The nominationsare as follows:

Best Picture

Big Fish;Cold Mountain; Finding Nemo; In America; The Last Samurai; The Lord Of TheRings: The Return Of The King; Lost In Translation; Master And Commander;Mystic River; Seabiscuit

Best Actor

Russell Crowe Masterand Commander

Johnny Depp PiratesOf The Caribbean

Ben Kingsley HouseOf Sand And Fog

Bill Murray LostIn Translation

Sean Penn MysticRiver

Best Actress

JenniferConnelly House Of Sand And Fog

Diane Keaton Something'sGotta Give

Nicole Kidman ColdMountain

Samantha Morton InAmerica

Charlize Theron Monster

Naomi Watts 21Grams

Best SupportingActor

Alec Baldwin TheCooler

Paul Bettany MasterAnd Commander

Benicio Del Toro21 Grams

Tim Robbins MysticRiver

Ken Watanabe TheLast Samurai

Best SupportingActress

PatriciaClarkson Pieces Of April

Marcia GayHarden Mystic River

Holly Hunter Thirteen

ScarlettJohansson Lost In Translation

Renee Zellweger ColdMountain

Best ActingEnsemble

The Lord OfThe Rings: The Return Of The King

Love Actually

A Mighty Wind

Mystic River

Best Director

Tim Burton BigFish

Sofia Coppola LostIn Translation

Clint Eastwood MysticRiver

Peter Jackson TheLord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Jim Sheridan InAmerica

Best Writer

John August BigFish

Sofia Coppola LostIn Translation

Brian Helgeland MysticRiver

Gary Ross Seabiscuit

Jim Sheridan,Kirsten Sheridan, & Naomi Sheridan In America

Best YoungActor/Actress (Under 21)

Emma Bolger InAmerica

Sarah Bolger InAmerica

KeishaCastle-Hughes Whale Rider

Evan Rachel WoodThirteen

Best AnimatedFeature

Finding Nemo

The TripletsOf Belleville

Brother Bear

Best Family Film(live-action)

Freaky Friday


Peter Pan

Pirates Of TheCaribbean

Whale Rider

Best PictureMade For Television (network or cable, including mini-series)

Angels InAmerica

The Reagans

And StarringPancho Villa As Himself

Best ForeignLanguage Film

The BarbarianInvasions

City Of God

Swimming Pool

Best Song

"A Mighty Wind" byChristopher Guest, Michael McKean and Eugene Levy A Mighty Wind

"The Heart OfEvery Girl" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin performed by Elton John from MonaLisa Smile

"Man Of The Hour"by Eddie Vedder performed by Pearl Jam from Big Fish

"School Of Rock"by Sammy James Jr and Mike White performed by Jack Black from School Of Rock

"Time Enough ForTears" by Bono, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer performed Andrea Corr from InAmerica

Best Composer

Clint Eastwood MysticRiver

Danny Elfman BigFish

Howard Shore TheLord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Gabriel Yared ColdMountain

Hans Zimmer TheLast Samurai

Best DocumentaryFeature

Capturing TheFriedmans

The Fog OfWar

Ghosts Of The Abyss