Erin Brockovich is on screen again — this time the real deal, not as portrayed by Julia Roberts.

Brockovich was in Berlin last night for the screening of Jessica Yu’s Last Call At The Oasis, a documentary about the water crisis (or crises) facing the planet. She’s seen as America’s foremost crusader to help ordinary people struggling with contaminated water in their neighborhoods, a problem the EPA isn’t addressing quickly enough.

Brockovich praised Yu and the producers for making the film “in a compassionate way.” “I hope that everyone who watches the film tonight realises they can go home and make a difference,” she told the audience at the Martin Gropius Bau cinema.

The film was extremely thought-provoking though not always a palatable selection for a Culinary Cinema strand — there was the problem of “a potential universe of disgust” in seeing sewage waste (topped by floating condoms) being recycled into drinking water. There were also scenes of chemically bloated frogs, lakes of manure, cockroaches and dying livestock. Mmmm, who’s now ready for dinner from a Michelin starred chef!?

Chef Christian Lohse (of Fischer Fritz) stayed with the theme and offered a “watercraft” menu at the Gropius Mirror restaurant.

Ealing Metro is selling the doc.

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