E1 Entertainment International sales chief Charlotte Mickie is talking up a trio of new projects here, headed by the psychological thriller Wrecked starring Adrien Brody.

Currently shooting in the British Columbia interior and said to be in the vein of Memento, Wrecked is about a man who loses all recollection of who he is after his car crashes into a ravine.

Michael Greenspan is directing from a screenplay by Christopher Dodd and Kyle Mann produces. Word from the set is that the Oscar winning actor has been living in the woods and eating live insects in order to empathise with his character.

“It’s an incredible adventure story, with Brody on his own much of the time, battling with a harsh environment and physical hardship, but also struggling with himself psychologically,” Mickie said.

A Birder’s Guide To Everything, which Mickie describes as Superbad for nerds, centres on a group of friends who head off into the woods in search of a rare bird. Ben Kingsley will play a crazy birder.

Rob Meyer will commence principal photography in July from a script he co-wrote with Luke Matheny. Paul Miller and Dan Lindau are producing and David Frankel is executive producer.

Varon Bonicos’ UK documentary A Man’s Story follows the personal and professional life of the celebrated menswear designer Ozwald Boateng. Bonicos, a close friend and confidante of Boateng, has been filming material for more than a decade and the project is now in the final stages of post-production in time for an autumn festival launch.

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