Barbara S Brogliatti (pictured) hasbeen promoted to executive vice president and chief corporate communicationsofficer at Warner Bros Entertainment.

Brogliatti will continue tohead up press activities, serving as the company's official spokesperson andchief press officer. She reports directly to Warner Bros Entertainment chairmanand chief executive officer Barry M Meyer.

The position involveshandling corporate press as well as regulatory, civic, legal and businessissues, and strategic, internal and crisis communications. Brogliatti alsoserves as the communications liaison with the studio's parent company TimeWarner.

In a statement Meyer paidtribute to Brogliatti's "expertise, experience, instincts and breadth ofknowledge", which he said made her "an integral part of our most seniormanagement team for nearly a decade."

In addition to her duties atthe studio, Brogliatti serves as the official press strategist and spokespersonfor the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers during itscontract negotiations with the industry guilds.

She also heads the MPAA'sPR/educational task force on intellectual property protection and industry-wideanti-piracy initiatives.

For the past seven yearsBrogliatti served as senior vice president and chief corporate communicationsofficer, and before that she was senior vice president of worldwide televisionpublicity, promotion and public relations.

She joined the company in1990 when Lorimar Telepictures, where she headed up corporate communicationsand investor relations since 1985, was acquired by Warner Communications.

Prior to that she worked atNorman Lear's Embassy Communications/TAT/Tandem and CBS.