Pierce Brosnan and producing partner Beau St Clair have announced two new projects - romantic comedy The Laws Of Attraction and 11th century epic Legend Of Lochenbar for an autumn and early-2003 shoot respectively. Both are to star Brosnan.

Brosnan, wearing his producer's hat, and St Clair met with potential backers in Cannes for the two projects. Brosnan was also finalising sales on the completed Irish Dreamtime production Evelyn, a UA release and Overseas Film Group production set for a December US release.

The script for The Legend Of Lochenbar is, said St Clair, a mid- to- big budget epic based on a Sir Walter Scott poem and has already been completed. Laws Of Attraction, meanwhile, is a contemporary piece about two divorce lawyers who hate each other. "Pierce is going to be in both," said St Clair. "We're trying to move away from Bond slowly." But not too slowly.

Delivering on his contractual obligations with this Bond (three, plus an option for one more), Brosnan said he'll be happy to negotiate with Eon for a fifth Bond. "This opens November 22 and we'll see what happens," said Brosnan. "They seem open to negotiations, I'm open to negotiations."