Buena Vista International's (BVI) animated picture Brother Bear is closing in on $100m at theinternational box office thanks to a record-breaking $6.6m weekend haul thatraised its running total to $95.8m.

The picture opened top in Italy on $2.7m from 439 screens, whichwas the second biggest animated bow ever behind BVI's Finding Nemo.

The records also tumbled in Israel, where it opened top on$329,000 from 29 for the biggest weekend opening ever for an animated release,and Turkey, where number one on $210,000 from 42 was the second biggestindustry bow of all time for an animated title behind Finding Nemo.

Kill Bill Vol 1 opened top in Spain on $2.1m from 375 screens for BVI, marking directorQuentin Tarantino's biggest bow there. The picture has grossed $47.2m from BVImarkets.

Scary Movie 3 grossed $6m from BVI markets to raise its BVI running total to$53m. The comedy sequel remained number one in its second weekend in Germany,adding $3.6m for $12.3m.

The HauntedMansion added $3.3m atthe weekend for a $54.6m international cumulative total. The highlights were$1.1m in its third weekend in France for $5.8m and $1m in its fourth weekend inthe UK for $13.5m.