Brother Bear opened top in Sweden for Buena Vista International at theweekend, grossing $978,000 from 129 screens to record the biggest winter bowever for an animated title, exceeding the opening gross of Monsters, Inc by 12%.

The picture also opened top in Denmark on $541,000 from 76 for thesecond biggest animated bow ever behind Toy Story.

Overall Brother Bear grossed $5.8m to raise its international running total to $56.3m.

The Haunted Mansion stayed top in its second weekend in Spain on $1.6m, dropping 30%for a $4.3m cumulative total.

It held on to number one in its second week in Mexico too, adding$1.3m and slipping 30% for $4.3m.

Finding Nemo added $2.1m for an international runningtotal of $513.5m.