Brother Bear scored a superb $4.6m number one opening from 781 screensin France at the weekend as the animated title added $6.3m from all its marketsto raise the international running total to $48.4m.

Alreadyin the throes of a highly successful international campaign, Brother Bearshould continue to build with openings for the rest of Europe as well as Japan.

The Haunted Mansion stirred up strong business as well, opening top inSpain on $2.3m from 350 screens and in Mexico on $1.8m from 345.

Inboth cases it was the biggest Eddie Murphy bow ever and the distributor'ssecond biggest live action opening for a branded film.

Thecomedy added $1.5m in its second weekend in Germany, dropping 23% for a $4mcumulative total.

Finding Nemo continued to make waves as it grossed $3.9m at the weekendfor $510.1m. The new international running total places it eighth in theall-time international rankings.

Thekey weekend driver was Japan, where the film added $2m and dropped 12% for astaggering $96m total there.