Geoff Brown has been signed to a long-term contact as executive director of the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA).

He took on the job about 10 months ago when predecessor Joanne Yates departed after less than six months, but he has been associated with the organisation for much longer through his previous role as commercial affairs manager.

In a statement released today Brown said the organisation has been restructured, systems and controls overhauled, new staff recruited, and a new website provided. There has also been a relocation to "more user friendly" premises.

Brown says he is working on enhancing SPAA's services and improving membership communications and is intent on keeping up the momentum on policy issues. He claimed some credit for recent changes to the Australian content rules on television that reward the networks for commissioning independent production, and is currently talking to government about reform of the pilot FLIC scheme.

FLIC aimed to grow Australia's film and television industry by encouraging more private sector investment in local production with the help of tax breaks and a less ad hoc approach than in the past.