BruceAlmighty sentinternational records tumbling over the weekend with a string of number oneopenings for Buena Vista International (BVI), grossing $6m to raise its non-UScumulative score to $13.7m.

In Brazil thecomedy took a mighty $1.5m from 241 screens, scoring the eighth biggestindustry bow ever, the biggest comedy opening and the second biggest openingfor BVI

BruceAlmighty also recordedthe biggest opening for its star Jim Carrey and the biggest June opening of alltime in the territory.

In Hong Kong it took $910,000 from 25 for the secondbiggest opening of the year behind The Matrix Reloaded and the biggest bow for Carrey.

Thailand produced $560,000 from 98 for the biggest comedyopening ever and another personal best for Carrey.

In its secondweek in Italy, Bruce Almighty dropped 27% but remained number one, adding $2.5m for an $8.6mrunning total.

BVI rolled out FindingNemo in a series oftable-topping openings that grossed $2.7m for the weekend and raised the earlyinternational running total to $3.1m.

In Korea the underwater adventure grossed $1.8m from 124for the biggest industry opening for an animated film and Pixar's biggestever bow.

In Singapore itscored $560,000 from 33, also recording the biggest industry opening for ananimated film and Pixar's biggest ever opening.

Malaysia yielded$370,000 for a $780,000 total. Box office climbed 46% and the film remainednumber one for the second consecutive week, recording the biggest opening foran animated title (computer generated or traditional).

Bringing DownThe House added $1.9mover the weekend for a $10.7m running total.

Second weeks inthe UK and Mexico produced $1.2m for a $3.9m total (dropping 13%) and $601,000for $2m (dropping 34%) respectively.