Bruce Almighty continued its solid international run over theweekend, grossing $10.4m to raise its running total to $128.2m.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI) opened the comedy at number one in Mexico, whereit took $2.9m from 490 screens and recorded the biggest ever bow for star JimCarrey.

The film also opened numberone in Venezuela on $175,000 from 46.

In its fourth week in the UKBruce Almighty ranked second,falling a mere 17% and adding $2.1m for a superb $31m running total.

Spain dropped 19% but added$1.3m for a $12.7m total in its fourth week while Australia, where BruceAlmighty is the second most popularfilm of the winter school holiday season, added $690,000 for $12.3m in itsfifth week.

The film dropped 26% in itssecond weekend in South Korea but held on to top spot on $1m for a $3.5m total.

Finding Nemo took $4.8m over the weekend to raise itsinternational cumulative score to $37.5m.

The chief highlight was a$1.2m number one opening in Hong Kong on 33 screens, where Finding Nemo became the biggest animated opener of all time andenjoyed 50% market share, according to the distributor.

In its third week in Mexicothe film ranked second and dropped 44%, adding $1.5m for $13.4m to become thethird most popular animated film ever.

In Brazil it took $770,000for $4.6m in its second week, dropping 15% and becoming the second most popularanimated release of all time.

In its first internationalrelease, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl opened number one in Argentina on $355,000 from 53.It was producer Jerry Bruckheimer's biggest ever opening in theterritory.