Bruce Willis and independent giant Intermedia Films have partedcompany on the thriller Me Again due to creative differences, the company announced today (Apr16).

Intermedia said it would remain on schedule with the LosAngeles-set film, which is due to go into production imminently.

Cheyenne Enterprises, the production company run by Willis andpartner Arnold Rifkin, has also bowed out in what was described as a "mutuallyamicable decision" following differences of opinion over the direction ofWillis' character.

Rifkin and David Willis will no longer be credited as producers,however Beryl Vertue's Hartswood Films is still on board to produce.

In a statement Intermedia chairman Moritz Borman said: "We'resorry not to be working with Bruce Willis, whom we thought was terrific forthis role, but unfortunately we had different ideas for the direction the movieshould take.

"The film will go on as scheduled. We've got a short list ofactors who would be ideal for this project and we're going out to them now."

Me Againcentres on a man who wakes up next to a dead body in a hotel room with nomemory of how he got there. Diane Lane is set to play the FBI agent who helpsfind out whether he is a hit-man or an undercover cop.

Dean Parisot,whose credits include Galaxy Quest, will direct based on a script by Steven Moffat.