Steven Soderbergh's Bubble is set to be the first film in Korea to receive a day-and-date multi-platform release onmobile phones as well as theatrical, cable TV, DVD and video-on-demand (VoD).The film is to open on May 11.

The experimental thrilleroriginally saw a simultaneous release in the US this past January in theatres, DVD andhigh-definition cable channel HDNet.

Korean importer anddistributor Eureka Pictures is taking the precedent a step further with the addedplatforms of mobile and VoD. Leading telecom companies SKT and KTF will beproviding the film on their mobile services while Korea Telecom affiliate KTHwill provide VoD.

Bubblewill also be released simultaneously in arthouse theatre Cinecube, on CJ Media'sCGV Choice television channel and on DVD by KD Media.

Although films havepreviously been available on mobile services in Korea, Eureka Pictures says this will be the first timeone is released on mobile and in theatres at the same time.

Arthouse-oriented EurekaPictures has previously released films such as George Clooney's Good Night, And Good Luck and TsaiMing-liang's The Wayward Cloud inKorea.

Bubble isabout a mysterious death that takes place in a doll factory in mid-west America. International sales were handled by 2929International.