Joel Phiri and Jeremy Nathan's Dv8 Films, the production companybehind John Barker and Dog Pack's Toronto world premiere comedy Bunny Chow, have renewed their slate deal with theSouth African government's entertainment industry agency NFVF.

The deal commits to the production of at least fourfeatures over the next 18 months, with a discretionary fund for development andmarketing. Dv8 Films also announced it has launched sales arm Deviant Selling.

The first slate deal featured Bunny Chow, as well as Forgiveness, Max And Mona, and The Flyer.

Under the renewed deal it is expected that Khalo Matabane's firstfeature State Of Violence, Madoda Ncayiyana's My Secret Sky and Michael Raeburn's Triomf, will be produced early in 2007.

"The fantastic audience response to Bunny Chow at this years festival makes this a wonderful launchpad for the new deal. We're confident that Dv8 will continue its winning streakand its nurturing of young talent," Ryan Haidarian, head of production anddevelopment at NFVF, said.

"We are thrilled," Phiri and Nathan added. "Thissolidifies our joint approach to providing a home for talent in South Africa,and anchoring home grown stories."