Filming is underway inArizona and New Jersey this week on Beverly Hills Film Studio's (BHFS) UScomedy adventure Forget About It,starring Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch and Charles Durning.

Styled as Grumpy Old Men meets Analyze This, Forget About It centres on an East Coast wiseguy whose efforts tostick to the straight and narrow under the FBI's Witness Protection Programmeare severely tested by the mischievous locals. Robert Loggia and Michael Palomaalso star.

Director and BHFS presidentBeau J Davis is producing with BHFS vice president of production KimberleyKates and secretary Anthony Falco serving as co-producers and John D Schofield(Enemy At The Gates and theupcoming The Brothers Grimm)handling executive producer duties. Julia Davis (Hunt For The Devil) wrote the screenplay.

BHFS is in talks withseveral US distributors for a proposed Thanksgiving release.