South Korean sales company Showeast has announced a raft of deals on Le Grand Chef post-EFM.

The cuisine competition drama sold to ABC for the Benelux, Films sans Frontiers for France, Ayapro Production for Japan and Chungeorahm China for China.

Based on a popular Korean manga series by Huh Young-man, the $5.3m film grossed over $20m at the local box office with about three million admissions by the end of 2007.

'Our buyers expressed interest in that the film dealt not only with Korean food but the spirit contained in it, and with Korean culture and history and our previous relations with the Japanese, all in a different way. They're talking about holding related food and cultural events around the release of the film,' said Michelle Son, head of international sales at Showeast.

'It's a different kind of film from the usual romantic comedies or action films people are used to seeing come out of Korea. It doesn't have any stars but was the biggest grossing film of the last half of 2007,' she said of the film, which finished at number four on the local top ten list.

Investor and Showeast parent company Yedang Entertainment is planning a sequel to the film with Huh Young-man writing the script. Former Taegukgi producer Lee Sung-hoon, who produced Le Grand Chef, is on board again and Iroom Pictures is co-producing.

The sequel is to see a 2009 release, closely linked to the publication of a new instalment of the manga series.

Previously announced AFM sales included Sundream Motion Pictures for Hong Kong, AOE for Malaysia, Festive for Singapore and M-Pictures for Thailand.