Buena Vista International (BVI) opened The Jungle Book 2 in second place in Belgium over the weekendon $460,000 from 69 screens, roughly the same as previous bows for Atlantis and Ice Age. In Holland the animated sequel took$235,000 from 113 screens, about the same as the bow for Lilo and Stitch. In its third week in France, thepicture grossed $3.2m from 691 screens, rising 1% from the previous week for an$11.2m running total. In its third week in Sweden, Jungle Book 2 held on to first place with $470,000from 137 screens, dropping only 9%. The territory's running total is $2.2m.

Oscar favourite Chicago opened in Italy on $1.5m from 278 screens, about twice ashigh as the Moulin Rouge bow. In the UK the musical dropped 22% for $990,000 for a $19.8mcumulative score. In its sixth week in Australia, Chicago climbed 18%, adding another $880,000 tothe coffers for a $6.4m running total. The picture's international cumulativescore is now $28.1m.

Treasure Planet rose 33% in its second week in the UK, adding $1.9m for a $5.6mrunning total. The picture has grossed $58m worldwide.

BVI opened The Hours in Australia, where the heavyweight Oscar contender took $800,000on 103 screens. In the UK in its second week the drama dropped 15%, addinganother $840,000 for a $2.6m running total. The picture has an internationalcumulative score of $3.6m.

Shanghai Knights opened in first place in Thailand,grossing $25,000. The Hot Chick opened number one in Singapore, grossing $423,000, a record bowfor star Rob Schneider in the territory.