BuenaVista International's (BVI) adventure National Treasure is in line for a holiday boost this upcoming weekendwith a handful of openings including South Korea, Mexico and Brazil on Dec 31.

The picture has amassed $54.5m to date and executives anticipate typicallystrong holiday business to raise the international running total even further.

The Incredibleswill pass $250m this weekend. Despite no major debuts it currently stands on a$248.9m cumulative total. The drama Finding Neverland was due to open in Australia on Dec 30 and has taken $6.1mso far.

Fox International was due to open the romantic comedy Girl Next Door in France on Dec 29 and that picture has grossed $14.7m todate, while the comedy Taxi was set to go out in Russia on Dec 30and is on $14.4m.

The action horror title AVP has amassed$81.3m to date and is still active in a handful of markets including its finalmajor market of Japan, where it opened earlier in the month.

UIP was due to release Paramount's Without A Paddle in Spain on Dec 29 and will open the comedy in the UK onDec 31. The picture has taken $3.3m from its nascent international run so far.

DreamWorks International's children's adaptation Lemony Snicket's ASeries Of Unfortunate Events was setto go out in Russia on Dec 30, and UIP executives will look for a strong debutto boost the $23.4m international cumulative total.

Paramount's comedy Team America: World Police was due to open in Germany on Dec 30 and has amassed $3.8mto date.

Latest figures put Universal's romantic comedy sequel Bridget Jones:The Edge Of Reason on $158.9mthrough UIP as of Dec 30 and $168.8m through all distributors as of Dec 26.
I.S. Film Distribution opens Alexander in France on Jan 5 and the UK and Spain on Jan 7. The epic adventurehad amassed an international running total of $33.1m as of Dec 26.