Buena Vista International's Signs dominated the international markets over the weekend with a $14m haul that should see it cross $100m by the middle of the week and sets it on course for a projected $200m international total. The sci-fi drama directed by M Night Shyamalan and starring Mel Gibson has amassed $94.6m internationally thus far. It held on to number one in its second week in Japan, Germany, Spain and Brazil and in its third week in the UK and Mexico.

In Japan the picture grossed $2.8m on 363 screens, down 24% on the previous week, for a $13.4m cumulative total. In Germany it scored $2.2m from 831 screens, down 24%, for a $12.8m running total. In Spain Signs took $2.1m from 305 screens for a $6.8m cumulative score, down 39% on the previous week, while Brazil produced a 33% drop for $1m from 430 screens to give a $3.1m total.

In the UK Signs dropped 29% for a $2.9m haul from 430 screens to give a $17.2m cumulative score. In Mexico the picture dropped 43% for a $1.1m gross from 342 screens and an $8.9m cumulative total. So far this year Monsters, Inc. has been the only BVI picture to cross $100m.