Pirates Of The Caribbean grossed $29.7m and elevated its internationalrunning total to $238.1m at the weekend, becoming the second release of 2003after The Matrix Reloaded to stayat the top of the charts for the fifth consecutive weekend.

In a series of number onebows it took $3.4m from 245 screens in Australia for Buena VistaInternational's (BVI) biggest ever live action opening.

In Greece the film grossed$1.1m from 95 for the second biggest industry opening of all time andBVI's biggest opening ever.

New Zealand produced$520,000 from 68 for BVI's biggest ever live action debut and the biggestfor producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

In Denmark Pirates plundered $670,000 from 50 for thedistributor's biggest ever live action bow there.

In a slew of mighty numberone second week holdovers, Germany added $6.2m and dropped 29% for $20.5m,Italy added $3.3m and dropped 35% for $12.5m while Korea produced $2.6m for$6.8m, climbing 24% thanks to increased business during the Chusok holidays.

Pirates added $1.8m and dropped 27% for $37.1m in its sixthweek in the UK, while Japan took $1.6m and dropped 15% in its seventh week foran impressive $49m.

In its fifth weeks, Spainadded $1.5m and dropped 30% for $20.3m and France added $1.4m and dropped 24%for the same amount.

Bruce Almighty took $4.3m to raise its international total to$192.7m, while Finding Nemo added$3.3m for $82.3m.