Buena Vista International (BVI) executives expect to dominate theweekend as they launch The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And TheWardrobe in its finalmajor market of Japan on Mar 4.

The children's fantasy hit already ranks as the 20th biggestinternational release of all time on $380m and along with Universal's King Kong remains the only internationalrelease this year to cross $100m.

BVI opens the martial arts picture Fearless in Thailand and the Philippines andexecutives will be looking to build on the $10m cumulative total through itsSouth-East Asian markets. BVI's Chicken Little has no major openings and stands at$170m.

Capitalising on Capote's five Oscar nominations in the run-up to this weekend's AcademyAwards, Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) has modest debuts for thefilm lined up in Germany on Mar 2 and Mexico on Mar 3. The picture stands at$2.9m from the early stages of its run.

Underworld: Evolution opens in Germany on Mar 2 on 308 screens and Mexico on Mar 3 on280; it stands at $22.7m through all distributors.

Fun With Dick And Jane, currently on $76.4m, opens in Russia on Mar 2 on 274 screens,followed a day later in Turkey on 96.

Hostelgoes out in France on Mar 1 on 180; it has grossed $3.1m to date. Memoirs OfA Geisha has grossed$83.3m through all its distributors.

Syrianawill be looking to capitalise on its Oscar nominations with releases throughWarner Bros Pictures International this weekend in the UK and Spain on Mar 3.The international running total stands at $9.5m.

The thriller Firewall has grossed $3.6m so far including Roadshow territories and opensin Australia on Mar 2 and Mexico on Mar 3.

Latest cumulative totals put Rumor Has It on $42.4m including Roadshow territories,Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire on $601.4m, and North Country on $5.3m. French megahit Les Bronzes 3stands at more than$72.7m.

Fox International opens Cheaper By The Dozen 2 in France on Mar 1 and Taiwan on Mar 4.The family sequel has grossed $43.4m to date.

The Pink Panther opens in the UAE and Belgium on Mar 1, Holland on Mar 2, andSweden on Mar 3. It has grossed $13.6m so far.

Walk The Line, whose two stars will be vying for Academy Award glory thisweekend, launches in Hong Kong on Mar 2. It stands at $39.6m. Date Movie has taken $6.5m and Big Momma's House2 stands at $43.9m.

Paramount's The Weather Man goes out through UIP in Germany on Mar 2 hoping to build on aninternational total of $1.2m. Hustle & Flow launches in Brazil and Mexico on Mar 3.

Last Holiday debuts in the UK on Mar 3, while Wallace & Gromit, currently on more than $125m, opens inItaly on Mar 3.