Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest closed its ninth consecutive weekend asthe number one international picture as it took another significant stridetowards the $1bn global mark.

Adding an estimated $11m through Buena Vista International (BVI),the smash adventure sequel reached $579.1m in overseas revenues and $991.9mworldwide and is expected to cross $1bn by Friday [Sept 8].

Dead Man's Chest is also on course to cross $100m in the UK, where it added $1m in its ninth weekend for a stunning $93.9mtally that accounts for one-sixth of the entire international haul to date.

Franceproduced $1.6m for $46.1m and Germany $1.4m for $57.6m, both after sixweekends, while Japan generated $1.6m for $78.4m after seven, and Spain standsat $33.4m after four. Greece produced $1.1m for $4.3m in its second weekend.

Meanwhile Cars added $6.4m for $171.3m, driven by a $2.2m second weekend gross inItaly on 450 screens that ranked second and raised the cumulative total thereto $10.2m.

The Pixar tale opened top in Sweden on $870,000 from 150, and topin Denmark on $600,000 on 85. A $543,000 Norwegian gross was enough for thepicture to stay top on $1.2m in the second weekend, and the UK generated $1mfor $28m after six. Cars opens in German-speaking territories this week.

Universal'srun of form continued as the action thriller Miami Vice added $7.2m through UIP from 2,725 venues in 41territories for a $64.5m running total. The number two international result waspowered by a $1.7m two-day opening haul in Japan from 311 sites.

The picture stayed top for the second weekend running in Germanyon $1.7m from 417 for a strong $6.6m. It did the same in Austria on $235,000from 79 for $1.1m.

The comedy You, Me And Dupree grossed $4.3m from 1,084 locations in 11territories for $21m, driven by an $890,000 Mexican debut from 255 sites thatUniversal claimed was a number one opening. However it would appear to ranksecond given that Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) reported a$900,000 hold for Click.

You, Me And Dupree held well at the top in the UK on $2.1m from 412 for $8.3m aftertwo weekends. There are 41 territories still to open including several majorEuropean markets.

United 93 added$3m from 1,160 sites in 35 for $33m. The docudrama opened well in Brazil on$200,000 from 45 and held well in Japan on $410,000 from 150 for $6m after fourweekends. Spain stands at $2m after two.

The Break-Up added $1.8m from 1,213 sites in 43 territories for $70.5m, while TheFast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift raised its tally by $900,000 from 990 in 40 for $85m. The horrortitle Silent Hillopened top in Australia on $575,000 from 153 and opened in second place in NewZealand on $90,000 from 28.

The action thriller Crank, which Universal is releasing in the UK opened on $775,000from 261, despite the presence of homegrown star Jason Statham. Statham'sstanding is clearly greater in the US where the picture was looking like theweekend winner for Lionsgate.

Jet Li-starrer Fearless has taken $3.6m from Australia, New Zealand, the UK andSpain.

Fox International's family sequel Garfield: A Tale Of TwoKitties grossed $6.3m on5,300 international screens for $91m. It has taken $6.4m in China, whichexecutives believe is more than the lifetime gross of The Lion King.

Thriller The Sentinel added $5.3m on 1,600 screens for $25m, powered by a solid $1.7mFrench launch on 259 screens, and a $1.1m UK debut on 291. Comedy My SuperEx-Girlfriend added$1.9m on 1,269 screens for $16.3m. The picture opened in Russia on $1m on 250and in Brazil on a disappointing $150,000 from 64.

Comedy The Devil Wears Prada took $713,000 from its first two openings in Singapore andThe Philippines.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Monster House raised its running total by $5.8m from2,930 prints in 36 territories to $38m.

The picture, which has 30 territories still to open,launched in third place in Spain on $1.3m, and held well in the UK in itsfourth weekend on $920,000 for $10.6m following a negligible 7% slip.

The comedy Click continues to storm through Latin America, where it has rewrittenthe opening weekend record books for Adam Sandler.

Click stayedtop in Mexico for the third consecutive weekend on $900,000 for $5.4m, andfared even better in Brazil where it did it for the fourth weekend in a row on$700,000 for $4.5m.

The Wayans Brothers comedy Little Man opened a close number two in the UK on$2m from 300 screens and added $3m overall from 825 screens in 18 territoriesfor an $11.7m international running total.

Superman Returns added $5.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International from morethan 3,100 prints for a $181m international running total. The result waspowered by a strong $3.4m Italian debut on 631. After three weekends Japan andGermany stand at $9.3m and $3.7m respectively.

Romantic mystery The Lake House added $2m from 1,300 prints for $47m; itopened top in Argentina on $132,000 from 27, and in fourth place in South Koreaon $588,000 from 123. M Night Shyamalan's mystery Lady In The Water continued to struggle as it added $3.3mfrom approximately 1,500 prints for $15m.

Paramount's animated feature Over The Hedge added $1.5m through UIP from 1,938 sitesin 50 territories for $157m including non-UIP markets like South Korea and HongKong.

Nacho Libre grossed $541,000 from 540 screens in 11for $12.6m, while the animated release Barnyard scored the second biggest opening for aNickelodeon picture in Singapore behind Spongebob Squarepants, taking $116,000 from 17. Mission:Impossible III added$314,000 from 705 international prints for a $262m tally.