BuenaVista International (BVI) scored its biggest ever live-action opening in the UKover the weekend as it continued the international roll-out of Signs, M Night Shyamalan's domestic sci-fi hit. Thepicture grossed $5.7m from 443 screens in the UK, including previews, which wasalso the biggest UK opening for star Mel Gibson. In Germany Signs took $3.8m from 839 screens while in Mexico thepicture took a tremendous $2.8m from 475 screens, the industry's fifth highestlive action opening for the territory. Mexico's opening also procured the biggestlive action opening in the territory for BVI and star Mel Gibson.

In other openings, Signs grossed $670,000 from 79 screens in Switzerland,$525,000 from 86 in Austria and $250,000 from 35 in Malaysia. The total weekendbusiness for Signs was $15.7m,giving it a $38.4m international cumulative score. The picture is expected totake $200m by the end of its international run.