John Travolta and his biker friends in Wild Hogs roared up to the top of the international charts over the weekend as an estimated $11.5m haul from 3,046 screens in 38 territories raised the overseas tally to $43.5m.

The comedy opened through Buena Vista International (BVI) at number one in a slew of markets, grossing $2.9m from 600 screens in Germany, $1.3m from 250 in Italy, $510,000 from Scandinavia where it ranked top in each of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and $284,000 from 26 in Singapore.

Wild Hogs also dominated the market in Austria, taking $370,000 from 85, and Switzerland, which generated $480,000 from 60 screens. The Brazilian launch generated $340,000 from 100 screens.

It stayed top for the second weekend in a row in the UK on $1.9m for $6.3m, and fell to second place in the second weekend in Mexico on $610,000 from 393 screens for $5.1m. Spain stands at $2.3m from 302 screens, while Australia produced $350,000 in the eighth weekend for an excellent $12.7m tally.

Meet The Robinsons added $3.7m from 3,800 screens in 39 territories and stands at $42m. The animated title opened in South Korea on $340,000 from 100 screens, and generated $725,000 for $6m in the second weekend in Australia, and $360,000 for $7.5m in the UK.

Universal/UPI's comedy smash Mr Bean's Holiday grossed $10.5m from 3,900 sites in 48 territories to raise the total to $142m.

The result includes France, where Studio Canal opened the film at number one on $800,000 from 300 sites. It climbed two places to number two in its fourth weekend in the UK as $1.7m from 480 sites raised the tally to $39m.

Germany produced $1.1m from 761 sites for $19.3m to rank third after the same amount of time, while Brazil generated $500,000 from 133 venues for $2.2m and third place after three weekends. There are nine territories to go including Japan and South Korea.

The comedy Hot Fuzz added $500,000 from 400 sites in nine territories for $48.5m. CIA drama The Good Shepherd took $725,000 from 330 venues in 10 territories to raise the tally to $17.3m. The film opened in South Korea on $310,000 from 100 and ranks eighth in Spain after $344,000 from 159 elevated the cumulative figure to $3.6m after three weekends.

Zhang Yimou's Chinese epic Curse of The Golden Flower, which Universal/UPI acquired for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, has grossed $1.7m to date.

The film moved into its second weekend in the UK and ranked 11th on $440,000 from 218 for $1.6m, and took $21,000 for $56,000 after two weekends in New Zealand. It opens in Australia opens on Apr 25 and South Africa on Aug 3.

Paramount/PPI's thriller Shooter added $8.6m from 2,807 screens in 52 territories for an early $19.1m running total, powered by major openings in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand.

It opened in second place in France on $1.4m from 250 screens, opened top in Australia on $1.2m from 173 sites, and in other launches took $603,000 from 246 screens in Germany and $222,000 from 132 sites in Italy. In two smaller debuts, Shooter took $138,000 from 46 screens in New Zealand and $90,000 from 56 screens in Austria.

Disturbia, still the number film in North America in its second weekend, added $1.3m from 498 sites in four territories to raise the tally to $3.6m. The thriller opened in Mexico on $497,000 from 226 sites and took $93,000 from 30 screens in Argentina.

Comedy Blades Of Glory added $1.4m from 374 sites in the UK and UAE and stands at $8.2m. The comedy Norbit raised the tally by $1.1m from 923 screens in 54 territories to an even $60m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) 300 is fading but still mustered a solid $7.5m from 4,600 prints in 59 markets for $216.8m. In its third weekend, the action film added $1m from 687 prints in Germany for $12.2m, and took $966,000 from 289 prints in Australia, where it stands at $9.7m.

Mio Fratello E Figlio Unico opened top in its native Italy on a superb $2.3m from 59 prints. The film was produced by Cattleya and distributed by Warner Bros Italy.

Romantic comedy Music And Lyrics added $3m from 1,900 screens in 49 markets for $85.2m, buoyed by a Spanish debut of $1.3m from 307 screens.

Horror title The Reaping added $6.5m from 2,600 prints from 39 markets for $19.3m. It opened in third place in South Korea on $1.2m from 118 prints, and opened in France on $626,000 from 197 prints.

The UK launch generated $600,000 from 282 prints, while Australia produced $416,000 from 282 and Brazil generated $333,000 from 141 to rank third. The German debut produced $270,700 from 201 prints.

In third weekend holds, The Reaping added $591,000 from 350 screens to rank third on $4.4m, and raised the tally in Spain to $4.2m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's thriller Perfect Stranger grossed $8.9m from 3,300 screens in 58 markets to raise the tally to $20.7m.

The film opened number one in Russia on $1.7m from 270 screens, and opened numbed one in Mexico on $940,000 from 300. It launched in fourth place in Australia on $810,000 from 208 and opened fourth in the Philippines on $115,000 from 20.

In second weekends, Perfect Stranger added $980,000 from 264 in France to rank fourth on $3m, $825,000 from 363 in Spain to rank fourth on $3.2m, $420,000 from 145 in Brazil to place third on $1.3m, and added $400,000 in Italy from 302 for $1.8m. The UK generated $255,000 from 230 for $1.2m.

Ghost Rider grossed $700,000 from 72 screens in 38 markets for $108m, and Stomp The Yard added $640,000 from 178 in four for $5.4m.

Fox International's sci-fi adventure Sunshine added $5.9m from 3,000 screens in 44 markets to raise the tally to $18.6m.

The film opened in Spain on $1m from 300 screens, Germany on $718,000 from 443, Italy on $453,000 from 250, and South Korea on $414,000 from 129.

Rocky Balboa launched in Japan on $1.8m on 311 screens and stands at $76.7m through Fox International. Night At The Museum has amassed $319.6m and remains active in it sixth weekend in Japan, where it has taken $28.6m. Eragon stands at $172.6m.