Caleb Deschanel, ASC will receive the American Society Of Cinematographers Lifetime Achievement Award at the 24th Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards on February 27, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Deschanel earned Oscar nominations for The Right Stuff in 1984, The Natural in 1985, Fly Away Home in 1997, The Patriot in 2001, and The Passion Of The Christ in 2005.

His feature credits include Being There, The Black Stallion, The Spiderwick Chronicles, National Treasure and My Sister’s Keeper.

“Caleb Deschanel is an extraordinarily talented cinematographer who has played an influential role in cinema history, and driven artistic excellence in contemporary film-making,” American Society Of Cinematographers president Michael Goi said.

“One of the lessons I have learned is that the magic happens when a cinematographer develops and executes a visual style that compliments the director’s vision for the story,” Deschanel said. “I am learning every time I shoot a frame of film. When I’m not learning, I will know it’s time to quit. I didn’t get involved in film-making just as entertainment. Movies can inspire us to be better human beings.”

Previous recipients include Vilmos Zsigmond, Laszlo Kovacs, Conrad Hall, Vittorio Storaro, Owen Roizman and George Folsey.