Director Vincent Ward's River Queen is going backinto production in New Zealand after a two-month hiatus.

Cameras roll again from October 4 and continue for eightweeks according to Silverscreen Films, which is producing alongside The FilmConsortium.

Filmingwas delayed in late July due to the illness of lead actress Samantha Morton.She was hospitalised with severe influenza and secondary bacterialcomplications but has now been given a clean bill of health. Kiefer Sutherlandwill also return for the few days needed to complete scenes in which they bothappear.

Other cast members, including Cliff Curtis, Stephen Rea andTemuera Morrison, have re-scheduled other work to complete River Queen.Replacements are now being sought for those crew members who have made othercommitments.

The 1860s story focuses on a young Irish woman caughtbetween European and Maori cultures. It began its original shoot in theWanganui region of the North Island on June 28.

Don Reynolds and Chris Auty are producing and the script isby Ward and Toa Fraser.

The backers include the New Zealand Film Production Fund,New Zealand Film Commission, The Film Consortium, The UK Film Council, Endgameand Invicta. The Works has worldwide sales right outside Asian territories,which are being handled by NZ Film. 20th Century Fox pre-bought theUK, Australia and NZ.