Moving to boost itsworldwide profile, Toronto-based production house Tapestry Pictures haslaunched Tapestry Distribution International (TDI), which will sell worldwidetelevision, home video and DVD rights through a strategic alliance with LosAngeles-based MarVista Entertainment.

TDI will continue to beresponsible for Canadian distribution under the deal. Tapestry principals MaryYoung Leckie and Heather Haldane head up TDI and Tapestry's business affairsand development coordinator Amanda Handy is named international marketing manager.

The first title is familyfeature Spirit Bear, whichMarVista will begin selling at the AFM in Santa Monica next week and stars EdBegley Jr, Mark Rendall and Graham Greene.

The picture was inspired bythe true story of 15-year-old Simon Jackson, who took on the Canadian forestryindustry and the provincial government to protect the rare white Kermode bear'snatural habitat.

Principal photography tookplace over 21 days in September in Peterborough, Ontario and Vancouver, andTapestry Pictures and Massey Productions produced the picture in associationwith MarVista Entertainment, CTV and TDI.

"We are delighted toconclude our agreement with Tapestry Pictures Inc to introduce programming tothe worldwide markets under their Tapestry Distribution International banner,"MarVista president of production and distribution Michael Jacobs said in astatement.

"The award-winningprogramming produced by Tapestry Pictures' talented producers Mary Young Leckieand Heather Haldane will be a valuable addition to the programming slates ofbroadcasters worldwide."

Tapestry was formed in 1999by producers Leckie and Haldane and makes features, documentaries andtelevision programming. Credits include Prom Queen and the upcoming Shades Of Black: The ConradBlack Story.

MarVista produces anddistributes worldwide family and children's features, television anddirect-to-video programming. The company owns the Whamo library containing3,000 hours of programming and 40 animated features.