The 46th Cannes FilmMarket has announced an 8% increase in attendance for the 2005 edition.

This year, 83 countries were representedby 9,476 professionals compared with 8,814 from 74 countries in 2004. The mostdramatic rises came from Africa with 34% more participation, Canada up 25% andthe Middle East up 14%

Companies registeringshowed a 30% increase from 2,612 in 2004 to 3,404 in 2005. Buyers upped theirattendance by 12% with many new faces coming from Latin America and Canada.Producers were on the rise as well with a 31% spike in attendance.

In all, 3,681 titleswere presented during the market including 891 projects in development, 745films in production and 1977 finished films. In terms of screenings, 844 filmswere shown for a total 38,600 viewers.

The Short Film Corner,in its second year, also had positive results with 37% more films and 160% moreparticipants who watched 9,670 screenings.

Plans are underway tocreate more screening and meeting rooms over the next two years with the firstfloor of the Riviera pegged as a likely spot as well as space below theMajestic leading to the Palais.