Swedish singer Edda Magnason [pictured] plays the leading role.

Swedish outfit StellaNova Film, founded by Lena Rehberg, has been in Cannes, drumming up interest in Monica – A Lingonberry In A Cocktail, their biopic of Swedish singer and icon Monica Zetterlund.

Swedish singer Edda Magnason who plays the leading role, was in Cannes earlier this week, performing in character, at the ‘Nordic Kitchen Party’ event held at the Scandinavian Terrace in Cannes. The rising star Magnason was accompanied by the music producer of the film, Swedish Grammy-Award Winner, composer and jazz pianist Peter Nordahl.

Other cast members in the film include Sverrir Gudnason (Sture Åkerberg), Kjell Bergqvist (Monica’s father), Vera Vitali (Marika), Cecilia Ljung (Monica’s mother), Randal D. Ingram (Bill Evans), Amelia Fowler (Ella Fitzgerald), Clinton Ingram (TommyFlanagan), Rob Morgan (Miles Davis) an Anthony Willis Jr. (Denzil Best).

Currently shooting in Sweden and in the US, the film is directed by Per Fly and based on an original script by Peter Birro. It is produced by Lena Rehnberg, StellaNova Film and distributed by Scandinavian major Svensk Filmindustri.

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