BavariaFilm International (BFI) finished this year's Cannes by announcing numeroussales for Stefan Krohmer's Directors' Fortnight film Summer '04and Norwegian Jens Lien's International Critics' Week title The BothersomeMan.

Krohmer'sdrama was sold to Austria (Filmladen), South Korea (Sejong Communications) andVenezuela (Blanco y Travieso), with a distributor deal imminent for France,while Lien's black comedy was picked up for Switzerland (Look Now), Hungary(Budapest Film) and Romania (Transilvania Film) and "tangibleinterest" for the film coming from France, the UK and Germany.

BFI alsoreported all-rights deals on Gregor Schnitzler's nuclear disaster thriller TheCloud to Portugal (Costa do Castello), Turkey (DProduction), South Korea (With Cinema), Venezuela (Blanco y Travieso) as wellas Malaysia and Indonesia (Suraya), and sales to Russia's Maywin Media forAndreas Dresen's Willenbrock, Michael Glawogger's Slummingand Hans-Christian Schmid's Requiem.

Schmid'sexorcism drama, which won five prizes at the German Film Awards earlier thismonth, was also picked up by Swallow Wings (Taiwan), Transilvania Film(Romania) and Cineplex (Columbia, Bolivia and Central America).

Inaddition, Turkey's D Production and Hungary's Best Hollywood secured the rightsfor Vivian Naefe's family film box-office hit Wild Chicks,with Best Hollywood also acquiring Gernot Roll's The Robber Hotzenplotzwhich had received its world premiere at the Berlinale's Kinderfilmfest.

Moreover,Daniel Calparsoro's gripping psychological thriller Ausenteswas bought for Malaysia and Indonesia (Suraya) and Venezuela (Blanco yTravieso), and Suraya also acquired the rights for this year's Spanish Goyaaward-winner Obaba by Montxo Armendariz.