When the Cannes film festival unveiled itsofficial selection this week, media coverage focused on the many big nameauteurs who made the cut - and the move away from political documentaries likelast year's Palme d'Or winner Fahrenheit 9/11.

But one of the most intriguing titles to make it throughto official selection is a passionately argued, highly political documentary bya Cannes newcomer - BBC television producer Adam Curtis.

The Power Of Nightmares is a specially edited, twoa half hour theatrical version of Curtis' BAFTA winning 3x1 hour series of thesame name that aired to huge acclaim on BBC2 earlier this year. It will playout of competition as a special selection at Cannes this year.

The visually arresting film argues that the threat toWestern countries by terror networks has been wildly distorted and exaggeratedby politicians and the media. It also tells the interweaving stories of the American neo-conservatives and radical Islamists.

Curtis says that the invitation to Cannes followed a callfrom artistic director Thierry Fremaux about two months ago. Fremaux had seenthe television series on DVD and suggested that he produce a special theatricalversion to show at Cannes.

Curtis has spent much of the past two months planning howto restructure the series into one documentary film, followed by a long weekin the edit suite.

Sales enquiries are initially being handled for the BBCby Alexei Boltho at BBC Films.