Hot sellers include The Reef, Blood Hostage, Backyard, The Chameleon.

Santa Monica-based Lightning Entertainment had strong sales from Cannes market, co-presidents Rich Goldberg and Richard S. Guardian announced.

Survival thriller The Reef sold to Germany/Austria/Switzerland (Atlas); Scandinavia (CCV); Mexico (CVT); Peru (Eurofilms); China (Fundamental); and the Philippines (Pioneer).  Prior sales included Japan (Pony Canyon); UK (Momentum); France (Wild Side); Brazil (Playarte); Greece (Spentzos); Canada (Alliance Atlantis); Turkey (Umut Sanat); Middle East (Eagle); Thailand (Seven Seas); South Africa (Ster-Kinekor); Indonesia (Soundspace); Russia (The Film Depot); and Eastern Europe (Pasatiempo). Other deals are expected soon and a US buyers screening is being held next week.

Pre-sales for action thriller Blood Hostage included Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Benelux (Splendid Film); UK (Lionsgate); Brazil (Playarte); South Africa (Ster-Kinekor); Australia (All Interactive); Russia (Cinemax); and Indonesia (PT Parkit).

Mexican crime thriller Backyard sold to German-speaking territories (Atlas), Scandinavia (CCV), UK (High Fliers), Canada (Mongrel Media) and China (DDD Dreams).

Police thriller Verso sold to Germany (Telepool), Japan (Presidio), UK (High Fliers), France (Opening), and Italy (One Movie).

US/French mystery thriller The Chameleon sold to Middle East (Italia Films); Portugal (Lusomundo); Romania (New Films); and South Africa (Ster-Kinekor). 

Horror/thriller Needle went to Ster-Kinekor for South Africa; Playarte for Brazil, and Eagle Films for the Middle East. The film was sold to Telepool for German speaking territories prior to the market. Other offers are in play now.

Deals are in negotiation for Jonathan Hensleigh’s The Irishman.