EXCLUSIVE: Director Renny Harlin has boarded the buddy action comedy to star Jackie Chan, Seann William Scott and Fan Bingbing, which Alex Walton’s new Bloom is selling in Cannes.

Production is set to commence on August 11 on the story of a Hong Kong detective whose niece gets into trouble with a crime lord.

The detective must team up with a fast-talking American on the run from the Mob who is the only person that can help his niece.

The action will sweep from the Gobi Desert to the Huangshan Mountains.

Jay Longino wrote the screenplay with revisions by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka and Geoff Moore and David Posmentier and BenDavid Grabinski.

Talent International and co-financier Dasym Entertainment will produce alongside Chan, Esmond Ren, Charlie Coker, Damien Saccani and David Gerson.

“Jackie Chan’s international presence is unparalleled, and we’re thrilled that Renny Harlin has come on board to direct this exhilarating and hilarious project,” said Walton.

“Having Jackie, Renny and Seann involved will bring this wild script to life with the perfect blend of action and comedy.”