Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta is set to star in a dramatic feature inspired by his own life story. The film, based on the Acosta biography No Way Home, will shoot in Cuba and the UK. Acosta's nephews will play him as a younger man.

The $3m project is being produced by Acosta and by Rosa Bosch (Buena Vista Social Club, The Devil's Backbone) through London-based production company B&W Films.

Acosta, born in Havana in 1973, grew up in a poor background and overcame huge obstacles to become one of the most celebrated ballet stars in the world. His father sent him to ballet school to keep him out of trouble on the streets.

'I think it has the chance to be one of the films that is a catalyst for change in Havana,' Bosch told

A director is yet to be appointed for the project, which will be shot in Spanish and English. Bosch said she and Acosta had received 'substantial Mexican funding' for the project, which is already being circled by a number of US companies.

Bosch was among the founder of international sales and production company Tequila Gang with Guillermo del Toro, Laura Esquivel, Bertha Navarro and Alejandra Moreno Toscano.

'It is certainly not something you've seen before with ballet dancers crossing over,' Bosch said of the Acosta biopic. 'Acosta's own streed cred, manner and profile are so different from the classical ballet world while he is still at the top of it in regards to craft and technique.'

Acosta is currently shooting in Manhattan, acting and dancing in the lead role of director Natalie Portman's segment of new portmanteau film, New York I Love You.