Sex continued to sell overseas as New Line's hit adaptation Sex And The City booted PPI's Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda into second and third place, respectively.

The comedy saga about four Manhattan women added an estimated $38.1m from 25 new territories and robust holdovers to stand at $91.3m. Combined with the $99.3m domestic tally, the film should cross $200m worldwide by Monday.

There were 13 number one launches including $7.7m from 452 in Australia, $1.5m from 58 in Denmark and $1.1m from 150 in Greece. Two debuts that did not secure top spot but deserve mention are South Korea's $2.8m from 350 and Mexico's $1.2m from 420.

The UK led the holdovers on $6.6m for $32.1m, Germany on $3.7m for $13.6m, France on $3.7m for $11m and Italy on $1.7m for $6.5m.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull soared past $300m thanks to a $36m yield from 8,352 venues in 60 territories that raised the tally to $326m.

The UK led the charge on $5.6m from 522 for $65.2m, followed by France on $4.3m from 803 for $30.3m, Spain on $3.1m from 671 for $24.9m, Germany on $2.8m from 740 for $22.3m and Australia on $2.7m from 256 for $21.5m.

DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda opened day-and-date with the number one North American launch in 1,398 sites in nine territories and generated $20.7m. Every territory delivered a record for a DreamWorks Animation release and there were three-day industry records for animated launches in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Number one highlights came from Russia on $9.2m from 569 and South Korea on $7.5m from 550 sites over four days. The three industry marks came from Singapore's $1.3m from 29, Malaysia's $943,000 from 59 and the Philippines' $833,000 from 95.

Iron Man is slowing down, adding just $3.7m from 2,805 venues in 58 PPI territories for $208.5m. Including other distributors, the running total climbed $4.8m to $249m.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian crossed $100m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International as $20.3m from 5,540 screens in 28 territories raised the tally to $101.2m.

The fantasy saga ranked number one in 14 territories and grossed $3.8m from 365 in Australia and $3.2m from 500 in China. It still ranks top in the third weekend in Japan on $2.5m from 780 for $20m, and ranks top for the second consecutive weekend in Brazil on $1.3m from 500 for $4.3m.

In other results, Taiwan generated $1.3m from 120, Mexico produced a further $1.2m from 800 for $16.8m, the Philippines produced $1.1m from 80 and Hong Kong generated $1m from 50.

Fox International's romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas consolidated its $100m-plus box office count as $7.8m from 3,000 screens in 62 territories raised the tally to $107.9m

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) card counting drama 21 added $4.4m from 1,575 screens in 50 markets for $59.3m, buoyed by $1.9m from 304 screens for third place in France and $205,000 from 36 for third place in Switzerland.

Romantic comedy Made Of Honor added $2.9m from 1,645 in 34 for $35m and opened in third place in Holland and Venezuela on $230,000 from 62 and $210,000 from 30, respectively. The Argentine debut produced $115,000 from 32 for fourth place.

Sony's comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $2m from 406 screens in two markets that opened day-and-date with the number two North American launch. Mexico generated $1.9m from 401 for first place and Adam Sandler's biggest debut in the market. Iceland produced $55,000 from five for number one.

Horror film Prom Night took $2m from 780 screens in 23 markets for $6.8m and launched in the UK in fourth place on $1.2m from 293 and opened in Germany in fifth place on $280,000 from 180.

Universal/UPI is lying low ahead of next weekend's wide release of The Incredible Hulk. Forgetting Sarah Marshall had no new openings but remained active in ten territories through UPI and stands at $24.7m. The next wave of releases is next weekend when the romantic comedy ventures into German-speaking Europe.

Family title Nim's Island stands at $14m through UPI and $31m through all distributors. The screwball comedy Leatherheads has amassed $8.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's family film Speed Racer added $1.2m from 1,945 prints in 43 markets for $36m. The top five markets so far are Mexico on $5.9m, South Korea on $4.6m, Brazil on $4.2m, the UK on $3.1m and Venezuela on $2.6m. Drama The Bucket List has amassed $79m.