The Da Vinci Code ruled the roost and became the 13th biggestinternational release in history at the weekend as it reached $480m andovertook Shrek 2 and Star WarsEpisode III.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational chiefs reported an estimated $15.2m weekend haul from 7,800screens in 83 territories. The adventure is by far Sony's biggest internationalrelease of all time and is expected to cross $500m within 10 days.

In its fifth weekend thepicture settled in Europe, where the heatwaves continue and the World Cupremains the biggest entertainment draw. Code stayed top in Germany, where no weekend game for thenational team meant the picture climbed 10% and added $1.5m for a $43.3mrunning total.

The film stayed top in Japandespite a 24% drop that was clearly attributable to the national team's WorldCup game on Sunday. The picture added $3.4m on 768 screens for $63.1m. It alsostayed top in Italy, where it held on to the number one spot despite slumping49% due to the national team's Saturday game against the US. The film added$900,000 for a $36.2m running total in Italy. It also stayed top in Holland,Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria.

The Da Vinci Code dropped just 18% in the UK (no weekend game forEngland) and added $1.2m for $51.2m to rank second. It grossed $1.4m for $30min Spain (no weekend game) following a 29% drop, and $1m for $30.5m in France,dropping 39% as Les Bleus took on South Korea on Sunday.

Fox International's X-Men:The Last Stand was a fraction behindDa Vinci Code in the weekendstakes. According to early estimates it added $14.9m on approximately 6,500screens for a $182.5m international tally. The fantasy adventure opened top inSouth Korea on an excellent $5.9m haul on 353 screens that produced Fox'sbiggest ever opening in the market. It also opened at number one in Taiwan on$1.4m on 166, and added $1.4m on 455 screens in the UK for $32m.

Garfield 2 launched on 458 screens in three territories andtook $1.9m. The highlight was a number one $1.5m debut in Brazil on 379screens. Singapore and the Philippines produced $244,000 on 29 and $143,00 on50 respectively.

The Omen raised its international cumulative total by $9.1mon 4,800 screens to $47.6m. It stayed top in Mexico on $1.1m on 560 screens for$6m, and ranks fourth in the UK after adding $1.2m from 346 for $6.2m. Thesatire Thank You For Smokingopened in the UK on $343,000 on 101 screens. Teen comedy Just My Luck grossed $1.1m from more than 500 screens in fivecountries, bringing its total to date to $1.7m.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational's adventure picture Poseidon added $9m from more than 3,900 prints in 41 countries for a $70.8minternational running total.

The highlight was France,where the picture opened on $1.5m from 598 prints and ranked number two. Poseidon stands at $13.4m in South Korea , $8.4m in Japan,$5.7m in the UK, $3.6m in Italy, and $3m in Australia, all after threeweekends. It remained top in Hong Kong for the third consecutive weekend afteradding $157,000 for $1.6m.

BVI's Cars added $8.4m from 1,500 screens in nine countries toraise the early running total to more than $16m. It opened top in France on$2.8m from 700 sites and took 30% market share.

Cars also roared out of the gates in Russia, openingnumber one on an estimated $2m from 300 screens for a new record for a Pixartitle in the market. The animated feature added $1.7m on 263 screens inAustralia for $6.3m. The picture is expected to hold well in Victoria wherestate holidays commence this week.

Cars opened in Hungary on $200,00 on 34 screens,approximately 77% better than the comparable launch of The Incredibles. New Zealand generated a $400,000 second weekendhold on 64 screens that ranked second as the tally climbed to $1m.

Universal's The Fast AndThe Furious: Tokyo Drift openedday-and-date with North America in eight territories through UIP, grossing animpressive $7.5m from 825 sites.

The result was powered bynumber one launches in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand.The UK opened on $3.3m from 413 locations and took 30% market share. Australiagenerated $2.2m from 187 and 25% market share, while New Zealand produced$430,000 from 53 dates.All three territories opened approximately 25%ahead of The Fast And The Furiousand 25% below 2 Fast 2 Furious,which is what executives anticipated.

Malaysia produced anoutstanding $550,000 from 39 dates for Universal's second biggest opening of alltime behind The Lost World. Thailandopened on $390,000 from 54.

Comedy The Break-Up added $3.3m from 658 sites for $6.8m, powered by anumber one debut in Mexico on $1m from 178 dates. Russia opened on $600,000from 187 dates. Australia held on to third place and grossed $1.3m from 186sites, dropping 42% in its second weekend as the national team played Brazil inthe World Cup on Sunday for an 11-day total of $4.5m. New Zealand also ranksthird after a $125,000 haul from 48 sites for $404,000.

United 93 raised its tally by $865,000 from 530 locations fora $6.1m running total. After three weekends it stands at $3.7m in the UK, and$1.7m in Germany. Inside Manadded $600,000 from 395 venues in 30 territories for $90.8m.

Paramount's Mission:Impossible III grossed an estimated$1.6m through UIP from 1,800 venues to raise the running total to $203.8m.China and Japan are yet to open.

The animated title OverThe Hedge added $3.9m from 1,184sites in 16 territories for an early $18.7m running total. The highlight was anumber one Spanish debut on $2.2m from 450 sites. The cumulative total includesSouth Korea, which was not released through UIP and stands at $5.5m.