Up to 24 projects selected to pitch each month.

New London-based film and TV outfit Cascade is launching a new screenwriting initiative, Writers’ Couch.

Cascade Media Development will launch the programme to help writers get their projects developed and into production. Unsolicitied writers will get the chance ot pitch their projects (which will already have completed scripts) to Cascade’s development executives.

Full guidelines are available on www.writers-couch.com and the applications open on Nov 12. Up to 24 applicants will be invited to pitch their projects in December.

The company noted: “Projects will be judged on the quality of the writing, the project’s probability for commercial or critical success, as well as how the project fits with the Cascade’s aims for producing genre projects that can work in the international and home market.”

Cascade is launching a Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme to develop new scripts, including those that come in through the Writers’ Couch.

Daniel Campos Pavoncelli, Cascade Media Development’s Acquisitions and Development Executive, will lead the scheme, working with Development Executive Sam Cheetham.

Campos Pavoncelli [pictured far right with the Cascade team] said, “We know from experience that there is great talent out there with exciting projects that have international potential. The Writers’ Couch will give new talent the opportunity to bring their ideas to us and receive production expertise and financial funding. Undoubtedly, we will only be able to fund and work with the filmmakers of a limited number of projects but we are committed to doing as much as we can to support writers who we may not get involved on a specific project but who feel we may be able to support in the future. The Writers’ Couch will also complement Cascade’s plans to develop and invest in projects from established filmmakers.”

Sam Cheetham added: “Getting a project off the ground is always challenging and never more so for emerging writers who are working in a competitive industry where there are few sources of private development funding. That’s why we’re here to open a door to people from all walks of life. Through the Writers’ Couch we are also looking to build a network of partners in the UK which actively support new writing talent so that we can help cultivate an open, responsive environment within the country’s film industry.”