Veteran American indie actor Seymour Cassel will serve asthe president of the International Jury for the German Independence Award -Best German Film to be presented for the first time at the forthcoming FilmfestOldenburg (Sept 8-12).

Cassel and the other jury members - German PR and marketingexpert Heike Melba-Fendel, Spanish author and critic Sergi Sanchez, US producerAmotz Zakai (Echo Lake Productions) and actor-director Tim Blake Nelson (Minority Report) - will choose the bestGerman film from four competing titles showing at the festival:

Meine Frau, MeineFreunde Und Ich - dir: Detlef Bothe
Such Mich Nicht - dir: Tilman Zens
Sugar Orange - dir: Andreas Struck
Wahrheit Oder Pflicht - dir: ArneNolting.

The winning film will receive Euros 5,000 in cash and aninvitation to screen at the Gijon International Film Festival in Spain inNovember.