Catwoman grossed an estimated $2.3m on 728 screens in nineterritories at the weekend, driven by a $1.3m debut in its first majorinternational market of Spain.

The action picture, which isreleased through Warner Bros Pictures International, ranked second in Spainbehind Fox International's sci-fi thriller I, Robot.

Harry Potter The AndPrisoner Of Azkaban is marchingtowards a $500m international running total after adding $5.5m on 3,453 screensin 52 territories for $491m.

Finland opened number one onan outstanding $953,000 on 70 prints for the second biggest opening ever for aWarner Bros title behind Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.

Azkaban stayed top in its seventh weekend in Japan andelevated its total there by $2.6m to a staggering $94m.

Executives said the latestcumulative total for Troy is$356.9m.