My favourite party* of Toronto so far was the classy soiree at Brassaii last night combining celebrations for Fernando Meirelles’ 360 and Michael Winterbottom’s Trishna.


Guests dined on lamb chops and grilled cheese sandwiches and drank copious amounts of vodka, including some delicious fruity cocktails named after BlackBerrys (the company that hosted the whole night). The ‘Bold’ had a nice basil twist.

It was a pretty great idea to have a two-film post-premiere party, adding to a more interesting crowd — guests were invitees from Revolution Films, eOne, Wild Bunch (which is selling 360), and Bankside (which is selling Trishna). The fact that both films had very positive reactions at their world premieres last night also added to the happy mood.

Andrew Eaton of Revolution Films was producer on both titles, and told me he brought along his wife to make sure he didn’t celebrate too much. But surely having two world premieres in one night calls for all hours of partying!

My only complaint was the too-loud cheesy music (yes, I do sound like a geriatric, but I’m trying to schmooze, not dance.)

Pictured above from 360 are writer Peter Morgan, actor Mark Ivanir, actress Lucia Siposová, actress Gabriela Marcinkova, director Fernando Meirelles, actress Maria Flor and actor Ben Foster. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for BlackBerry)

*To be honest it’s the only party I’ve made it to thus far. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t really nice. And I plan to hit a few more tonight (for journalistic comparisons purposes only).