New Line International's Cellular raised its international running totalto $5.3m after launching in seven European markets at the weekend.

The highlight was a sixth place debut in Spain throughTri-Pictures that yielded $753,979 on 246 screens.

Elsewhere the thriller grossed $357,782 on 133 Russian screens,$91,779 on 27 in the Netherlands, $49,925 on 16 in the Ukraine and $40,030 on18 in Hungary.

Meanwhile Birth, Jonathan Glazer's supernatural drama starringNicole Kidman, fell 61% in its second weekend in the UK, adding $544,115 for a$1.8m running total there.

The mysterydropped 27% in its second weekend in France on $275,241 for $936,824. New LineInternational executives said Birth's international running total currently stands at $3.3m, whileepic romance The Notebook has grossed $16.6m from all its markets to date.