Early in the market, Paris-based Celluloid Dreams has closed a deal with Ad Vitam in France for Let's Make Money, its timely new feature-documentary about global finance and its woes. The film is directed by Erwin Wagenhofer and produced by Allegro's Helmut Grasser. Filmladen is handling its release in Austria while Delphi opened the film in Germany last month.

With the world on the brink of a global financial crisis, Wagenhofer's film explores how global finance works. Filmed, in part, before the current crisis, it uncovers the reasons for the current situation and reveals how we are all implicated in the political and economic machinations of the international finance market by simply putting our money in a bank. The film is Wagenhofer's follow-up to his festival hit We Feed The World, which explored the food industry.

'After the success of Erwin's previous film We Feed the World', we were very much anticipating what he would come up with next, and he didn't disappoint,' commented Celluloid Dreams' Alessandro Raja. 'Let's Make Money is a shocking and invaluable film that should be required viewing for all. We are very excited to be bringing this to AFM especially as in this current economic climate its importance cannot be underestimated.'