Celluloid Dreams has announced its acquisition and co-production partnership on German auteur Margarethe von Trotta's new feature, Vision.

Barbara Sukowa will take the leading role in the film, based on the life of
mediaeval mystic Hildegard von Bingen.

A mystic, healer and composer, von Bingen was one of the most famous women
of mediaeval times. In the 12th century, she founded her own monastery against all odds and became world famous for her writings on medicine and
natural healing methods as well as for her music.

Vision will mark the fourth collaboration between German actress Sukowa and
Von Trotta. Their earlier films together include such acknowledged classics as The Geman Sisters (a Golden Lion winner in Venice) and Rosa Luxeumburg.

Markus Zimmer (The Cloud, Rosenstrasse) will produce the film for Herbert
Kloibers Clasart Film Production, a unit of Tele Munchen Group. Concorde Distribution will release the film in 2009.

Celluloid Dreams, French co-production partner and international sales agent, will take the film for all territories excluding German-speaking Europe.