Harry Potter And TheChamber Of Secrets raised itsinternational cumulative score to $128m after 10 days with a mighty $58.7m haulover the weekend, according to studio estimates released today. The secondinstalment in the Potter franchise recorded 8.632m admissions from 5,249screens in 20 territories and established another set of records along the way,opening number one in all its territories. It was the biggest three-day openingof all time in Sweden, grossing $1.9m (SEK 17.9m) from 156 prints. This was10.6% higher than Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone. The picture also scored the highest Saturday andSunday of all time in the territory, beating the original by 10.7% and 5.6%,respectively. It was also the biggest opening in the territory for Warner Brosand the second highest industry release behind Spider-Man.

In Holland the pictureregistered the second highest biggest industry opening ever with $1.94m (Euros1.93m) on 270 prints, which was 3.7% behind the original. It was also thebiggest Sunday of all time, outperforming the original by 1.4%. Belgium yieldedthe biggest opening weekend of all time with a $1.75m (Euros 1.74m) bow from316,000 admissions on 156 screens. This was 33.5% better than the original and67.8% better than Spider-Man.Thailand produced a slew of records with its $1.3m (local currency 58.3m) grossfrom 570,000 admissions on 160 prints. It was the biggest ever industry opening(beating Spider-Man by 12.8%);the second biggest opening of all time behind local language powerhouse Suriyothai; the biggest Friday gross ever for an industrypicture (beating Spider-Man by 4.8%); the biggest Saturday gross ever for anindustry picture (beating the original by 18.4%); and the biggest Sunday grossever for an industry picture (beating Spider-Man by 12.7%).

In Norway Chamber OfSecrets scored the biggest openingweekend of all time with $1.6m (NOK 11.5m) from 179,000 admissions on 96prints, beating Sorcerer's Stone by 19%. It was also the biggest Friday ever (beating the original by16.6%) and the biggest Saturday ever (beating the original by 24.6%). InFinland the picture grossed $847,000 (local currency 840,000) from 107,000admissions. This was the biggest opening weekend ever, the biggest opening dayever and the biggest Friday, Saturday and Sunday ever. In Denmark the picturegrossed $1.9m (just over 14m units in local currency) and is expected to becomethe biggest opening weekend, biggest opening day and biggest Friday, Saturdayand Sunday of all time when figures are confirmed this week.

In Israel Chamber OfSecrets scored the second highestopening ever (trailing Sorcerer's Stone by 17%) with $435,000 (just over 2million in localcurrency units) with 65,000 admissions from 40 prints. Iceland yielded $195,000from nine prints, making it the biggest opening film of all time in theterritory. After a sensational preview weekend in Japan last week the openingproper yielded more records (Screendaily.com, Nov 24), with $16.7m from 862,958admissions making it the biggest opener of all time in the territory, thebiggest weekend ever, the biggest Saturday, Sunday and opening day of all time.

Chamber Of Secrets also excelled in the holdover department. In the UKin its second week it held on to top spot with $11.6m (pounds 7.3m) from 1,270prints. This was 10% ahead of the three-day opening for Die Another Day. Chamber Of Secrets has now become the fastest picture in UK history togross pounds 30m, beating the original, which recorded pounds 29.1m in the sameperiod. Cumulative total after ten days in the UK including previews is astaggering $47.7m (pounds 30m). In Germany Chamber Of Secrets stayed at the top with $11m (Euro 10.9m) from 1.7madmissions on 1,249 prints. This was the third biggest second weekend of alltime behind The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring and Sorcerer's Stone. The running total is $31.7m (Euro 31.3m).

In Taiwan the sequel scoredthe biggest second weekend ever with $1.9m (NT$66.7m) nationwide and $882,000(NT$30.3m) from Taipei. It was also the fastest picture ever to reach NT$200mnationwide - doing so in eight days compared to the original's 14 days -and the fastest picture ever to reach NT$100m in Taipei, doing so in nine dayscompared to the original's 16 days. In the Philippines it took $464m(local currency 24.5m) from 326,000 admissions on 84 prints in Metro Manila.Cumulative total to date is $2.4m(local currency 124.3m). Austria yielded the third biggest second weekend ofall time with a further $972,000 (Euros 962,000) from 134,000 admissions on 144screens for a $3.25m (Euros 3.21m) running total. Singapore saw the fourthbiggest second weekend ever, with $527,000 (PhP 928,000) for a cumulative scoreof just over $2m (local currency 3.6m). In Malaysia Chamber Of Secrets took $259,000 (local currency 985,000) from 45prints for a $898,000 (local currency 3.4m) cumulative score. On the Germanside of Switzerland it held on to top spot with $918,000 (local currency 1.33m)for a $2.5m (local currency 3.6m) cumulative score. Next releases are on Nov 29in Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey andUruguay.