Jackie Chan plans to head toCambodia next year to direct and star in a film that will draw attention to theproblem of landmines in the former war-torn country.

"It's about a serious subject so it can't be a comedybut it won't be too heavy or violent," said the star who is in town to promotehis upcoming action adventure The Myth in which he stars withBollywood actress Mallika Sherawat (pictured above). "I want to spell out themessage but don't want to scare people away from Cambodia - it's a beautiful country."

Chan will also produce thefilm through his Hong Kong-based JCE Movies production outfit which has severalprojects in production.

The next to shoot is anuntitled action comedy to be directed by Benny Chan (New Police Story) in which Jackie will play his first bad guy. He'llthen work on New Line's Rush Hour 3before shooting in Cambodia.