After the acres of print surrounding Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist at Cannes – he was the best director in the world, critics are a bunch of past-it snobs, what about that talking fox, did Charlotte Gainsbourg’s crotch really deserve the best actress award? – it could all be a case of premature ejaculation.

Antichristopened rather limply in France – Gainsbourg’s home turf -  with $562,000 on 119 screens on June 3; six weeks later, it has slowly dragged itself up to $1m there. Italy has $642,000 after three weeks on 250-odd screens. Coupled with five Northern and Eastern European territories – at home in Denmark it took $869,000 – Antichrist has nudged up to $3.3m worldwide. Artificial Eye in the UK will be hoping for a better show when it opens there with an 18 Cert on July 24.

Consider this: Von Trier’s Dogville took $2m in France. Which goes to prove that showing off your bits might get you some attention, but it’s not may not be the answer for Great Dane.