War Of The Worlds should continue to rule the roost in its thirdweekend, despite limited forays by Fantastic Four and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Paramount's disaster picturehas grossed more than $214.6m at time of writing and is expected to maintainmomentum with strong holds across the board.

Fox International opens FantasticFour in Russia on Jul 14 on 310prints, followed by Spain a day later on 425.

The Marvel Comics adaptationhas grossed more than $20m from its early international run so far, sparked byan impressive session last weekend that demonstrated deep fanbases inAustralia, Mexico and Brazil. The UK and South Korea follow next weekend.

Star Wars: Episode III -The Revenge Of The Sith will pass$400m this weekend on the back of continued strong business in Japan followinglast weekend's sensational opening.

By the end of the week thepicture will have grossed approximately $26m in Japan alone; the internationalrunning total stood at $399.2m as of Jul 14.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational is set to open Charlie And The Chocolate Factory in its first three markets this weekend, going outin France and Belgium on Jul 13, as well as Switzerland.

Tim Burton's reimagining ofRoald Dahl's classic children's tale is one of the most eagerly awaitedreleases of the year and should prove too tasty to resist in most markets.

Batman Begins has grossed $136.4m to date and has a smattering asmall releases this weekend, while House of Wax stands at $29.1m.

Buena Vista International(BVI) releases Herbie: Fully Loadedin Brazil on Jul 15; the film has taken $7m from Australia and a handful ofsmaller markets to date.

Universal's Land Of TheDead gets its first releases throughUIP this weekend, opening in Italy and Mexico on Jul 15 on 153 and 75 printsrespectively. The Interpreterstands at $78m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) opens The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D in its first markets, launching in Mexico on Jul 15one day after a smaller debut in Argentina.

The martial arts smash KungFu Hustle is edging towards the $80mmark and should be helped on its way with a launch in Brazil on Jul 15. Thepicture has grossed $78.8m so far.

Latest running totalsprovided by SPRI executives put Bewitched on $2.7m, The Longest Yardon $10.9m, and Are We There Yet'on $14.6m.

New Line International opensMonster In Law in Russia on Jul14 and South Africa a day later. The comedy has amassed $30.6m to date.