Charlie And The Chocolate Factory returned to the top of the internationalbox office over the weekend as the Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI)release added an estimated $11.3m on approximately 4,100 prints in 49 countriesfor a $155.7m running total.

The weekend haul was led by Japan, where Charlie opened top on $4.3m from 338 prints. Thefamily title also opened number one in New Zealand on a mighty $875,000 from80.

Charliestayed top in Australia in its second weekend on $3.1m from 463, dropping 41%for a $9.8m cumulative total. After seven weekends in the UK the picture hasamassed a staggering $62.8m tally.

DreamWorks International's Madagascar passed $300m following a $7.5m weekendhaul through UIP. The animated title added $4.3m in its second weekend in Italyfor a $16m total there.

Red Eye added$5.5m for a $12m international running total, following a $1.2m German launchthat generated $1.2m from 350 venues. The thriller added $1.1m in its secondweekend in the UK for $3.8m.

Universal's The 40 Year-Old Virgin was vying for top spot with SPRI's TheLongest Yard at time ofwriting, following a $2m haul in its second weekend that raised the runningtotal there to $6.7m.

The Skeleton Key added $2.5m on 1,575 venues in 33 territories for a $32minternational running total. Italy produced a sixth place debut on $300,000from 113 sites, while the Mexican launch generated $2.8m and second place.Germany stands at $4.8m and ranks fifth after four weekends.

Land Of The Dead added $1.7m from 750 sites in 26 territories to raise thecumulative total to $14m through UIP and $16m including France, where thehorror picture is handled by Wild Bunch.

George A Romero's latest zombie instalment opened in sixth placein Spain on $600,000 in 118 sites, and opens in the UK on Sept 23.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SRPI) Bewitched added $4.8m on 2,375 screens in 41markets for a $41.1m running total.

Germany stayed top on $1.3m in its second weekend and has amassed$3.3m to date, while Spain ranks second on $3.3m after the same amount of time.The UK has grossed $7.6m after four weekends.

The Longest Yard raised its running total by $2.7m to $20.8m, poweredby a $2.2m number one launch in the UK on 381 screens.

Stealthadded $925,000 on 1,425 screens in 33 markets and currently stands at $22m. Themilitary action picture opened in second place in Australia on $675,000 on 215,and launched in fourth place on $115,000 on 25 in Belgium.

Miramax International's The Brothers Grimm scored two number one debuts in its firsttwo major launches, grossing $1.4m on more than 300 screens in Spain, and$900,000 on more than 300 in Mexico.

The picture has amassed more than $2.5m from the early stages ofits run. "This was a big acquisition for our third party distributors and whilewe had confidence all along that the picture would work, this is now confirmedand we couldn't be more delighted to give our partners another hit from theMiramax/Dimension family," Miramax International executive vice presidentJere Hausfater said.

Fox International's Transporter 2 opened in Russia on $705,000 on 164screens, and overall the thriller sequel has grossed $3.3m from the earlystages of its run.

Fever Pitch opened in Australia on $397,000 on 183 and has taken$2.5m to date.

Night Watch added $539,000 from 250 in its second weekend in Spain; it hasamassed $1.9m in the territory and $2m overall through Fox. Fantastic Four stands at $144m from all its markets todate.

Australianthriller Little Fish produceda strong local opening Down Under through Icon Film Distribution. The pictureis believed to have opened in sixth place on more than $600,000 on 43 screens.