Don Cheadle will collect theGotham Actor Award and Michael Gondry's Eternal Sunshine Of The SpotlessMind will receive the inauguralCelebrate New York tribute at IFP/New York's upcoming 14th Annual IFP GothamAwards.

Cheadle's credits includethe upcoming Hotel Rwanda, Crash, The Assassination Of Richard Nixon and Ocean's Twelve, and he enters a pantheon of winners that includesSigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi and John Turturro.

IFP/New York executivedirector Michelle Byrd described Cheadle as "the quintessential actor's actor",praising his ability "to move seamlessly and flawlessly between genres,characters, and independent and studio project."

Eternal Sunshine wins the Celebrate New York award, which has beenestablished to honour a picture shot in New York that expands the boundaries ofcreative expression.

It was released in the USthrough New York-based Focus Features and produced by New York-based AnthonyBregman and LA-based Steve Golin.

"For many New Yorkproduction companies, making a film in New York is not always the slam dunk youmight imagine," Byrd said in a statement.

"If IFP can lend its voiceto those calling for increased support and promotion of the companies and filmsbeing made in our hometown, and if those films can be as truly expressive andimaginative as this Michel Gondry-Charlie Kaufman collaboration, then we willannually find a reason to Celebrate New York as part of the Gothams toward theclose of each year."

As previously reported here(Screendaily Jun 30), IFP/New York has moved this year's awards from Septemberto Dec 1 in a bid to stamp its identity on the upcoming awards season.

The gala increases from sixto nine awards and for the first time certain honours will be bestowed uponfilmmakers from outside New York City.